Montana in November: Wonderland

Three days of straight road tripping is tiring, but for this girl, three days on the road from Texas to Montana means one thing: Montana. Glee ensues, and it stays! The most amazing place to be in the world. The people, the beauty, the mountain, the climate, the everything. Closing in on Montana in winter, by the way, looks a lot like this:IMG_3781.JPG









Meet Montana.

Familiarize yourself with me or my family for about all of thirty seconds, and you will also familiarize yourself with the passion we all share – passion for a lovely last best place better known as Montana. You would be surprised to know how many Houstonians hardly can find Montana on a map. It’s low profile. It’s a secret gem. It’s the other half of me – actually, it’s nearly the whole of me. I really don’t have words that would begin to describe it. I don’t have adequate descriptions. I have the way my heart thumps when I think about it, the one-breath-away memory of the glacier air hitting my face from pastel skies on winter days, the quiet acoustics of a snow cloaked forest, and the warm touch only a small town offers. I have the color of the snow: multi-faceted, prismatic color kaleidoscopes falling onto a white bed that moves the light around in that way only a pristine snowfall can. And that’s winter alone. When the valley sheds its coat in the spring, it’s an entirely different place, a place the people that live there or visit frequently grin in a knowing way about – because they know they have found the proverbial ‘it’ that so very few know about. I have something there that remains there waiting for me each time I leave, until I return, and I wish with everything in me I could describe it you, but I can’t. All I can do is pass that on to you in hopes that one day you will make the unrivaled journey there yourself. Meet Montana.


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