What To Take In Your Luggage

If you have not yet discovered the problem solving and sensory experience of The Laundress soaps and detergents, well that’s another blog post. (PS You will never look at clean towels or underwear the same). But maybe you know about those amazing signature scents like Baby, Lady, and Le Labo 31, but have yet to discover the little solvers of big problems that The Laundress genius enough to think, solve for us, and make the solution small enough to fit in a tiny zip kit.

Not only am I keeping this kit in my closet, it’s going in my luggage where ever I head out to…because it’s full of simple and effective solutions for those frustrating quandries we find ourselves in, and most often when we travel or are no where near having time to solve them. Ever nixed a blouse or dress you really wanted to wear for static cling reasons? Been surprised by that button-up that came out of the suitcase way too wrinkled to wear but you didn’t bring a backup…gotten makeup stains on your shirt or white jeans, or had the sudden need to re-wear something for whatever reason? Wine or sauce on something you rather not have it on? You can fill in the blanks on the various hiccups that come up with clothing, daily life, work, and travel.

The Laundress has invented a basic kit called the On The Spot Kit to insure your clothing against all the aforementioned disasters and countless more. The little soldiers in this bag stand ready to fight stains, wrinkles, odors, and accidents and preserve your day – and your clothing too and all in Laundress signature, fresh, clean, non toxic fragrances derived from all natural and essential oil bases.


It comes with three key little spray bottles:

  1. Static Solution – never say no again, just spray, shake it out and wear your clothing without cling-age.

2.  Crease Release – spritz, smooth, and wear.

3.  Fabric Fresh – Self explanatory, but also antibacterial and great for bags, shoes, cars, hats, scarves, leaving smokey atmospheres, etc.


Next, this little guy is your ace-in-hole against all unforseen stains. If you need to completely launder something, this has you covered too. It lasts a long time (ziploc it), you can spot treat everything from lipstick to mustard with it and rinse with tad of water for instant stain removal, or suds up and wash something completely.


For the most stubborn stains, immediately soak in Stain Solution upon removing your garment then launder for the best results. These packets are made for on the go moments, but you can get a full size bottle of this also. Never part with good clothing again…