About A Karvelsson

A8FD479A-A73F-4D5C-A778-8D211ED17257.JPGHi, I’m Amanda. I am obsessed with efficiency and great design, for structures but also for lifestyle. I am serial home renovator and CID certified. I also homeschool four kids and will send my oldest off to Texas A&M this fall. I have been a business and life partners with my husband Robert for about twenty years and we are single family and multifamily real estate investors in several markets in the US. I was born in Georgia, raised in the foothills of upstate South Carolina, and have fallen in love with Texas and call it home now. I love traditional and modern architecture and especially crave outdoor-indoor concepts in housing. I love taking a property that may be difficult or delipidated and making it unexpectedly gorgeous! When I am not designing, scouting investments, or educating my children, you are most likely to find me on a tennis court, hiking a mountain trail, or logging miles alongside a Houston bayou. Let’s talk more about we can build an amazing project together.