Needing the 90’s

Man, maybe it’s the disease of coming of age in a certain decade, that it sticks with you forever as an ideal, but I can’t stop loving the seriously made up look that prevailed with the 90s supermodel. Pre-heroine chic was the opposite of everything the grunge move seemed to stand for and I loved every minute of it. Healthy bodied, cheek-laden models looked ready for anything and capable of anything – and still drop dead gorgeous. More often than we all want to admit in today’s culture – and I’m not sure what decade this will be dubbed (the teens? the twenty-tens?) – those things are not synonymous with each other. Frail thin, razor boned models still dominate. That’s why we all remember the 90s with such respect.

That classical, contoured, matte face punctuated with a red brown lip (I wore so many green marbleized tubes of Revlon Toast of New York down to the nub that it’s like remembering an old friend when I think of it) still gets me. It made you feel well, done.

Revlon Toast of New York

And we need a little more done in today’s yoga pants world (guilty speaking).

My essential 90s-light updated playlist:

Whitney Houston I Will Always Love You and Guns N’ Roses November Rain 

Kevyn Aucoin The Sculpting Powder in Medium You want cheekbones, you got cheekbones! You can’t find them? Look no further than this powder that creates somethin outta nothin. It is the perfect “shadow” shade, the formula’s light, finely milled, and highly pigmented. Blend to your satisfaction, hit play and go. This and a little brow and gloss go a loooooong way.

T. LeClerc Lip Pencil is 07 Desir Want to know a little known secret for lips? Pssst. It’s T. Clerc. The maker of the French powder formula that dominated makeup artists tables all through the 90’s (pre HD powder days, T. LeClerc WAS. IT.) also kills it in the lip department. This lip pencil is a brown red that sways way more red, to update the brown a bit, and the formula is beautiful, long lasting, and just beyond gorgeous with just about any eye. But use it with a nude-y face look and it’s modern and seriously showstopping.

By Terry Teint Terrybly Bronzing Powder in Shade 3 is bronzer incognito. It’s the subtlest still warming shade I can find, and you’ll never worry about streaks, oompa-loompah-ism, or any of the usual suspects when it comes to applying bronzer. IOW, it’s foolproof. Yes.

Rodial Glamstick in Bite Here’s the one I wear down faster than the ninth grade me wore down a tube of Toast of New York. It’s a balm, a plumper, and the perfect pigmented shade of nude to contour lips on top of the brown-red of your choosing, or it’s a shade you can we wear everywhere from the soccer field to that big night and never be wrong. How do I know? My second tube is nearly gone.


DV8T7669PS – Did you know that Christie Brinkley is just as photogenic in a photo of her photo as she is in person? Seriously.