Montreal’s Le Magasin General: Grace poured out into a store & cafe.

Le Magasin General: our feet found it via cobblestone street, on the waterfront in Old Montreal, and I could spend hours and hours in this store that has the hallmark of all great stores in my opinion. That is, shopping there feels a lot more a very well traveled or a wealthy friend opening her treasures to you than a line of sales ladies involuntarily spritzing you with heady scents while spewing the current promotion and grabbing your arm simultaneously…shopping sometimes can feel more like the circus than service, but not here. And I don’t even say that in jest because quite literally there is a treasure chest, an enormous chest of drawers, each one revealing a set of remarkably affordable necklaces, bracelets, and earrings – each drawer displays a unique look. On top of that, unpretentious but beautifully affordable wares fill every iota of space in this distinct sister boutique to Le Walk-In, its seasonal counterpart. Conceptualized, owned and operated by its former fashion industry proprietor, the beaming Nicole Madore, this store is a gem among gems and a place you might find yourself visiting – and lingering.

peek inside Le Magasin General:

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