Burberry: Let me count the ways . . .

Logos annoy me and, in fact I mostly loathe them. So many times I look at a garment or accessory that seems wonderful – if only that hideous gold plated logo wasn’t glued right on. It makes one feel like a billboard. I constantly wonder if tearing them off or covering them would be obvious and worse than bearing with them at times. Burberry, however, is one of those brands that I feel consistently holds up to par long ago after the logo has been peeled away. The luxe fabrics and classic, London damp weather city-meets-country styling has always had me at hello. And, somehow they translated this into beauty speak and out came the Burberry beauty line. It’s fields, flowers, grass, rain showers, and streets, cabs, and concrete all in cashmere blend formulas that never scream makeup but whisper beauty instead.
Absolutely in love + here are my current favorites:

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